Has anyone used Odoo?

New client using Odoo and Quickbooks, duplication of effort

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New client, professionals services business, simple....hours x charge rate.

Using Odoo free version for CRM, invoicing, project planning, staff management but having to replicate numbers detail in Quickbooks for accountant.

Odoo is on HMRC list of approved softwares for MTD but its a Belgian product and I've never heard of it to know whether to ditch quickbooks and sign up for their paid version to add accounts and then client can still use CRM etc.

Anyone used it?

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By Wanderer
27th Feb 2023 14:59

Looked at it briefly after a client explained how they thought it amazing & it had transformed their business. They don't use it for accounts but do use the CRM side.

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Replying to Wanderer:
By Kacey2015
27th Feb 2023 15:04

This is my concern, they like all the non accounting stuff but bookkeeper wasting time duplicating invoices. A move to a PSA tool that integrates with QuickBooks wont be free! But while they are small will be relatively painless!

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By accountantccole
28th Feb 2023 06:08

We had a client on it. It has MTD built in but getting reports out to support a VAT return was painful. It works but the reporting for UK was definitely cumbersome

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John Toon
By John Toon
28th Feb 2023 10:37

Ditch Odoo and find something more suitable (free isn't always worth the cost as can already be seen from the duplication required)

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By ArianBloodwood
02nd Mar 2023 11:15

I only discovered Odoo 6 months ago. I have no clients using it yet but I've been using it 6 months for accounts for my own practice. The interface at first was quite different to anything I was familiar with - but then EVERY accts package has a unique interface that has to be learned.

The functionality I find is really excellent. It's easily as full featured as Xero and Quickbooks. This is only the accounting module.

There's about 30 different modules covering a wide range of operations. I have 3 clients looking at modules for their CRM, inventory, ecommerce, appointments scheduling, website needs. The way all modules integrate with each other is very exciting.

Unfortunately there's no accountancy practice management module, otherwise I'd be on it like a shot.

The EU Commission really likes Odoo, enough to offer bug bounties on security in its code. Many EU govt orgs use it.It has a total user base of 7 million - more than twice that of Xero, tho it's spread across the EU and Nth America.

The pricing is amazing: your first module is totally free forever for one user. And Odoo recently dropped the price to a one-line EUR19.99/mth/user for access to ALL modules. Their COO estimates they will lose £10-15million from this, and I'm fascinated that they think this is a sound business decision. It doesn't make sense financially - so is it ethical? Or strategic marketing? Or...?

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