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Has Co's House caught the HMRC (IT) disease?

A minor irritation - but is it the start of the slippery slope?

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12/08/2021 12:05: receive email - nnnnnnnn Confirmation statement 10/08/2021 Companies House eReminder Service  "Your confirmation statement is due for filing. It should cover a review period which ends on 10/08/2021 and must be delivered to Companies House by 24/08/2021."

12/08/2021 13:53: receive email - (CS01) Confirmation statement received for Aaaaaaa Limited 

12/08/2021 13:54: receive email - Payment successful for Aaaaaaa Limited  "for submission of (CS01) Confirmation statement"


... and yet, today we received a repeat of the first email above (absolutely identical in every word) - which therefore includes in bold in a box "Failure to meet the above deadline may result in the Registrar starting the process to strike your company off the register.  It is also a criminal offence not to file a confirmation statement within 14 days of the end of the review period.  If prosecuted, officers may face an unlimited fine"!

Client NOT happy - despite my pointing out the cop-out line in the email that says "Please ignore this email if you have already delivered the confirmation statement or recently made an application for strike off."

You might think (but I couldn't possibly comment in the words of that great TV series) that a) filing within an hour of receiving first reminder, and b) their system having acknowledged receipt (and payment) within another hour ... that there's no need to send a further (threateningly phrased) reminder; but it looks like Co's House are now as lazy as HMRC and that their systems are being infected with the same fragility and inaccuracies endemic across govt IT systems.

Has anyone else had the same (or similar) problems?

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By rmillaree
18th Aug 2021 18:57

Hey ho sooner you know the clients you can never please the better :)

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By Paul Crowley
18th Aug 2021 19:38

Co house have been doing this for years
As I understand it the first "reminder" is the first letter client gets so not a reminder at all
BUT have you ever had a request from an insolvency prectitioner or liquidator?
Similarly full of threats of legal action and punishment.
And again in the first letter.
Result is now that I hold and refuse to hold any company documentation for clients

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Replying to Paul Crowley:
By Hugo Fair
18th Aug 2021 19:56

Probably the only sensible solution.
I'd understand if this was in the days of paper communications (when HMRC took c. 3 weeks to even open a letter), but this is all digital/real-time filing/paying ... except for the bit that sends out reminders, threats, etc!

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By bernard michael
19th Aug 2021 09:58

I always check the CH website to ensue that the Confirmation Statement is shown no matter what their e-mails say

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Hancox and Co
By Hancox and Co
20th Aug 2021 14:30

CoHo can be just as glitchy and fallible as HMRC.
We had a number of filings rejected as 'the company name did not match'.
The name did match, but it transpires that CoHo back end processing system was unable to deal with a ' replacing with it ?, generating a mismatch and causing it to reject itself.

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