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Has HMRC shut up shop for the weekend?

Tried to call VAT "helpline" and SA "helpline" and only get engaged tone

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I have been trying to get through to the so called "helplines" of HMRC this morning.Called both VAT and SA "helpline" and only get engaged tone. 

That noise is nearly as annoying as the HMRC on hold music, but much more suggestive that no help is forthcoming.

We need to get HMRC back to providing an, at minimum, half decent service to agents. 


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By rmillaree
15th Oct 2021 10:00

To be fair to hmrc i cant remember last time i got an engaged tone - so i personally will cut them some slack here - perhaps its simply IT issues that will be rectified (by monday?)

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By yelsnew
15th Oct 2021 10:58

Can anyone login to the gateway for self assessment? Not working here and can't file tax returns.

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By SteveHa
15th Oct 2021 13:22

Cutbacks. They only have one phone, now. If someone is already on it, then you get the engaged tone.

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By spilly
15th Oct 2021 13:27

Maybe they are making all those much promised but un-materialised call-backs. That should tie the lines up for the next month or two.

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By AdamMurphy
17th Oct 2021 21:25

It could have been a POETS day

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