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Has IFA been given "Chartered" status yet?

Has the Institute of Financial Accountants got its "Chartered" Status yet?

I was wondering now that the centenary year for the Institute of Financial Accountants has come and gone and many of their members avoided jumping ship to the AIA in the hope/promise of chartered status, has it got them any where? has anyone got any news as the IFA are quiet on this and i couldnt get an answer from their membership manager last time we spoke.


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13th Aug 2017 15:59

No, the IFA does not have chartered status. I think the merger with the IPA put this on the back burner.

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13th Aug 2017 17:46

The day they do will be the day it will cease to have value.

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14th Aug 2017 14:03

I am afraid you will have to pass those exams you failed if you want a nice shiny chartered badge to polish.

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