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has there been a problem at quickbooks online?

has there been a problem at quickbooks online?

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QuickBooks online has repeatedly stopped working but also I have this problem

a client has downloaded about 100 bank transactions but they won't upload into the cashbook ?

the bookkeeper seems to think that if he stops the bank link then all the historic cask book/bank transactions will be deleted - surely this cannot be correct?

we were on hold to QB support for about 40 minutes before giving up

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By landscaper
19th Feb 2014 09:09

Not synching

Sorry can't enlighten you any further but my software wasn't synching with Jobber last night/this morning so there must be a bigger problem somewhere.  Let's hope they are working on it!


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By Ablake
19th Feb 2014 13:39

I've been using QBooks for well over 10 years and it has never lost a transacation. Best option is to create a back up (file, createbackup). then sever the link and see. if it does then you can restore the previous (file, restore previous local backup)


Personally i've never used the download option.. prefering to use quicken for bank transactions and only use quick books for payroll & invoices..

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By bernard michael
19th Feb 2014 17:04

Are you sure you are working on compatible versions of QB. I have a client who is always getting the latest version without telling me and it has caused problems in the past

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By nick farrow
19th Feb 2014 17:16


I'm only talking about the online version

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Replying to AndrewB2499:
Bobby Chadha
By Bobby Chadha
20th Feb 2014 14:43

Hi Nick,

Can you DM me your number or your clients tel number, I'll get one of our Care team members to call them and help them out.



Product Manager QBO Accountants

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By martin.curtis
24th Apr 2014 17:41

Us too!

We've set aside time today to look at some online accounting software and find that quickbooks online keeps coming up with the message that there is a technical problem and it is unavailable.

Not sure if this is a common problem but looking at this post I assume it must be.

Not so keen on the reporting/data input of Xero or Clearbooks but cannot adopt an online system that you cannot use 


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By chatman
24th Apr 2014 17:50

What's wrong with Xero and Clear Books?

@martin.curtis - What don't you like about the data input of Xero and Clear Books Martin?

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