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Has this payroll data been created retrospectively?

Has this payroll data been created...

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I have been asked to look at some payroll data provided by an employer who is defending Industrial Tribunal proceedings. The employee in question left employment during the current FY and P11 printouts from SAGE have been provided for this and previous FYs. I noticed that the printouts for previous years showed the leaving date in the current FY.

Clearly, the P11s have been printed retrospectively in response to the Tribunal's request for information but does the apparently psychic appearance of a leaving date in the future mean the data was entered retrospectively too? I have been unable to replicate this effect in my own payroll software but I do not use SAGE. Can any SAGE user please advise me if this is just a natural feature of the software or something more suspicious?

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By lionofludesch
25th Nov 2015 11:27

Maybe not

I haven't used Sage for a few years but I'm not sure there's anything suspicious here.

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By tom123
25th Nov 2015 11:54

Reprinting historical data

Sage has a function to reprint historical data. Whilst I haven't had the identical circumstances, if I were to print a report today for an employee who has left, I would expect the date of leaving to be shown even if the report is for an earlier period. Why would you not want that box filled in - assuming it is factually correct.

Sage is better than years ago, where one only had one chance to print the data at the time - and no reprinting function.

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By vstrad
26th Nov 2015 10:30

Many thanks ...

... for your help. I suspected it was indeed above board but, as I couldn't achieve the same on my own payroll software, I thought I had better check with the SAGE community.

Thank you.

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By SteLacca
26th Nov 2015 11:19

Just tested on one of our payrolls. Historical P11 do, indeed, include the date of leaving even if that date is in a different year.

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