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Have you registered your ICO exempt marketing records?

Have you registered your ICO exempt marketing...

Have you registered your marketing records with the ICO? I am not sure whether to register voluntarily or not.

Secondly, do records of clients (under ICO) used for marketing purposes count as ICO data or exempt?



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29th Jan 2012 19:49

Google is your friiend

The ICO website is here

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By rslosek
30th Jan 2012 14:21

I've already looked at the ICO website


The answer isn't there.

It is clear that a business ONLY dealing with exempt data does not need to register, it is not clear whether a business dealing in data which means registration is required to have all data notified, and if they do not, is it a good idea to voluntarily notifiying that data.

If I do notify all data, then do I need to keep exempt data to the same level of security as non exempt data, encryption and the like?

Since all accountants and bookkeepers on this site are required to register, and presumably most of you hold exempt data for marketing purposes, what position have you taken with ICO notifcation for exempt data?

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