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Today I downloaded this e-book for accountants. It was quite good. What do you think?

P.S. Mark hasn't got me to post this!


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10th May 2019 15:54

I hope you won't be inundated with phone calls and emails as a result. That's what puts me off free e-books.

Ok, I'll give it a go and report back.

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10th May 2019 16:10

Too late for me to be empire building.

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to lionofludesch
10th May 2019 16:22

More of a morning person, are you? Not long to wait.

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to andy.partridge
10th May 2019 17:16

Unfortunately, Andy, I'm in the evening of life.

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to lionofludesch
10th May 2019 18:01

Cheery. Either way, not long to wait.
I suspect we're of a similar age, reliving the winter of discontent over and over again.

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10th May 2019 16:11

I might have guessed Xero would be at the heart of it (sigh).

Good solid advice that nobody could fault. No magic either.

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10th May 2019 17:04

Not for me.

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10th May 2019 17:22

Thats 6 downloads for Telford, must put him in Amazon best seller territory that.

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to Glennzy
10th May 2019 17:36

I came across the link in LinkedIn.

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By Matrix
to Red Leader
10th May 2019 19:10

Me too. I have not downloaded it yet. I have always followed how Kent Accountant built his successful practice so will have a read.

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By RedFive
11th May 2019 12:28

Mark seems to be a good egg to me having followed 'Kent' for a long time here and you can't knock someone giving away something for free.

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11th May 2019 14:24

Kent Accountant is the same person? I have not read the link provided.

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to FirstTab
12th May 2019 00:05

Yes he is.

Mark is a very decent fellow , the sort of person who makes an effort for others for no reward beyond that which naturally comes from doing something to help others.

Whilst I have not read the book (I will) I can thoroughly recommend him as a person without having turned a page.

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12th May 2019 05:18

I am wearing different lenses.

1) articles on aw how great he is

2) webisite again promoting himself

3) free book to build up a marketing database to sell services

I am too cynical to buy into practice guru advice/people.

If he that keen to help people why not help under Kent Accountant name. Why go all this way - website, free book to build a marketing list.

As regards Xero promotion, it would not surprise me, if there was a deal behind the scenes to promote Xero.

It is simply about an additional source of income as a practice guru. It is a massive marketing boost for his own practice to say I advise other accountants. All fair enough, but let’s put it as it is.

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to FirstTab
12th May 2019 23:05

My you are cynical FT

Mark has been a great help to me over the years, he also has a similar background to me career wise,so if I was going to listen to anyone it’s going to be someone who has walked in the same footsteps

Mark has worn to the t shirt so to speak, he has hit the same brick walls, had the same issues as everyone else so you would be well to learn from his war stories as opposed to taking advice from people who try to tell how to quadruple your sales over night etc

As for using his actual name over an a made up name, it’s about credibility in that his views are transparent

There was a lively debate on aweb last year and it was pointed out by the “in the trenches” guys from Australia that the majority of those trying to present a decent argument were doing so under there own names whilst those just ranting and stirring the pot were hiding behind screen names

For someone who runs into a lot of problems as you do you would maybe do well to take some advice before you dive in,
Like the fee bank you bought without thinking and they all left you within the year

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to FirstTab
12th May 2019 22:30

Mark, a couple of years ago, went out of his way, with no benefit accruing to himself, to help set up a job interview for a member of my family.

That is putting it as it is.

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12th May 2019 13:03

I was merely pointing out what was left out in other response.

All I heard was I great mark is. No one is that good. There is always an agenda behind all this.

Awards do not impress me at all. Honest Talk about failures and challenges gets my attention. Not look at me how great I am. Obvious and nothing for me to learn

I only take advice from people I respect and trust. I have done very well. I will continue do well without practice guru type person.

I will make mistakes. The difference is I blow my trumpet about my mistakes and not my success.

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to FirstTab
12th May 2019 23:10

Its all about collaboration these days FT. That is one of the big things about being a Xero partner.

At Xero partner days etc the guy down your road is not a rival but they all are happy to help and share ideas with you. This can save lots of wasted time etc.

This is a total different culture to when I trained as you would automatically mock other firms on the same high street as you.

At accountex last week there were loads of accountants giving/sharing with others what they were doing that was working well, the 10 minute chats you grab with people are often the most valuable.

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