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Have you tried email marketing?

Have you tried email marketing?

I was hoping to tag this question to my other thread on marketing but it is off the radar now.

I am just wondering has anyone tried email marketing for accountancy services? How did it go in terms of getting appointments? Most of the emails would end up in junk. It may still be worth a try.

I understand you can buy email lists with business email addresses.

I would be grateful to read about your experience/views on this subject.



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05th Apr 2012 08:39

tried it

Got no where.


Granted this was a few years ago and email usage has increased hugely in just a few short years.


I sent circa 20,000 emails a month for 5 years and never had a piece of work that I could directly link to them.


In the end, I treated the emails as a "remember me" tool rather than a new client tool



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By Locutus
05th Apr 2012 09:07


I've never tried it. As a recipient of numerous emails from accountancy marketeers / business specialists / speed-networking organisations, etc I don't tend to give them much attention. I guess they just don't connect with me in any way. Also, if I was looking for accountancy services, I would want it from a practice that I could visit if I had to, unless the price was much, much lower than the local competition. So I would think the e-mails would need to be targeted fairly locally.

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05th Apr 2012 09:11

Tactics, tactics, tactics

@FirstTab - email marketing works (if you do it right) - a bit like double entry.

And, like double entry, it is important you understand (educate yourself) on the fundamentals or you will not get the result you want.

If you don't mind me saying, you seem obsessed with tactics and seem to be looking for a magic bullet. The truth is, it doesn't exit.

For marketing to work you need to use the right mix of methodologies and tactics. You need to plan, execute and mange the activity professional.

From what you have said in other threads, before you try and win any work I'd recommend you focus on your Positioning strategy. Buy some books, learn how the brain works and use that to improve your results.

Bob Harper

Crunchers Accountancy Franchise


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05th Apr 2012 10:03


Build your own list!

We recently paid to sponsor an email sent out to over 1 million people.  We had 20 people click on the link to our content and of them not one was remotely interested in communicating further with us.  We found out later that the list was purchased although we had been assured it was not - it was unsolicited email or SPAM.

Building your own list is going to take longer but your conversion rate will be higher.  With all your new initiatives, soon you are going to have no time to carry out the work which generates your income - may be time to think about allocating a budget and getting someone else to do the work for you.

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05th Apr 2012 18:03


... see my link on your other post in relation to marketing...

... is all you need, they are fantastic!

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