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Having used Excel a lot I have found myself using it for non work fun stuff. What have AW members used excel for in the past?

Having used Excel a lot I have found myself...

I have used excel in the past for things like:

Plotting my bosses moods so I know the best time to approach her to ask for more money.

Catalouging my CD collection

And other stupid things

Joe Leech


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09th Jun 2004 15:27

Although I use Excel for lots of boring things like the old household accounts, my favourite spreadsheet produces my Flight Plan for me when I fly my Cessna.

I enter safety altitudes (to avoid mountains and masts!), wind speed and direction, my plotted true compass headings and distances.

The sheet then calculates, magnetic bearings, wind correction headings, ground speed (its slower into wind than downwind), fuel consumption and maximum fuel loading depending on passenger weights!!!

My life depends on it!


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By templar
21st May 2004 11:10

Collecting Sponsorship Money
I have a free downnload on my website for a spreadsheed that helps monitor money raising progress for people who are taking part in sponsored events - from marathons to diets. Have a look on

Can't help thinking that the Joe's Monitoring My Bosses Moods might be a far more popular marketing tool though. Is it available somewhere?

Simon Maclaren

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20th May 2004 19:10

Excel Uses
I've used Excel as a lottery number checker.(No, I haven't won a "miwwion" yet - still hoping, though!)

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18th May 2004 12:28

Can i have a copy of your 'Plotting My Bosses Moods' is it available to download??

Andy Hughes

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19th May 2004 15:01

excel - floor planning
In the absence of visio or autocad, my other half used it to build a flooplan of the house we are looking to buy.

Set cell height equal to width (a bit of trial and err is needed) so you get square fields, then use the "border" tools to draw the lines.

1 cell = 1 foot, it is reasonably close, and will allow us to decide what goes where.

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By Rderry
19th May 2004 15:43

Excel Uses
In the past I have had a "Football Manager" game where you start in Division 3, pick your team every week, make transfers and see if you can win the League Cup, FA Cup, League and Euopean Cup. Promotions and relegations also work and, of course, you're responsible for the finances of the club as well. Definitely the most fun ever had with a spreadsheet and considerably cheaper than EA Sports!

I have also been sent a "night-out planner". In this you plot your drinking strategy for the evening and a graph plots your state of drunkenness. You can even plan a "tactical chunder" to bring down the alcohol levels. Hilarious!

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18th May 2004 15:02

Excel in the office
The old flight-sim springs to mind, although it doesn't work on newer versions. The factory fantasy football league is also dependant on Excel. Other favourites include quizzes such as pop, movies, album covers, mini pops and the work ethic calculator.

By far my best creation was to plot league positions and points of Norwich City and Ipswich Town this season. Which reminds me, come on you Hammers!

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