HDUK or Cloud2Me?

Hosted Desktop Provider - HDUK or Cloud2Me or other?

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I wondered if anyone had any opinions on the services offered by HDUK or Cloud2Me or any other hosted desktop providers? I'm looking for a company that specialises in working with accountants and has a good track record on customer service and service performance / uptime.


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By backwoodsman
06th Mar 2024 17:32

We went hosted about 8 years ago. As IRIS customers (no comments please!) we thought going with them would be the best option - and it turned out to be a good choice, as we got great support in the (very scary) transition. Over time though IRIS failed to update the server we were running on, and we started to have problems running our software - so we looked for an alternative, and came up with HDUK, who at the time had great reviews and a strong balance sheet.
The change was pretty smooth and for a good while everything went well - until we started hearing bad things about their security - and the fact that they had changed hands. The security tip-off turned out to be right and they ended up being hacked; we were lucky, in that we were down for just a day - but for others there was no service for a week or so. Plus they were not at all forthcoming about what was going on. We hung on still though, on the basis that, having had the experience of being hacked, they should be safer than most. But then in the January our hosted server slowed to such an extent that we had days when we could only do a couple of sets of accounts - so we decided to bale out. We've got documentary evidence of all this if anyone is wondering.
We'd looked at Cloud2Me when we moved to HDUK, but dismissed them largely because they had little trading history - and we wanted a provider that we expected to be around to service us, rather than find them bust holding all our data. So, when we were looking at moving to HDUK they were in our list of possibles - and, long and short, we went with them when HDUK failed us, as by then Cloud2Me had a good history; basically others had been the guinea pigs. Plus the way they hold customers' data is such that a hack is unlikely to take out every customer - very different to the HDUK experience.
Again, the move was smooth, and since then we've found they provide a good, personal service. Yes, we've had some (relatively small) issues, but they've resolved them straight away, or explained in layman's terms why there is no easy fix - so we'd recommend them - and definitely recommend them over HDUK. Ask them for some reference sites; we've been one of those, and they just leave us to speak to the potential customer - they don't ask us to say the right thing, nor do they incentivise us in any way.
Hope that helps; feel free to PM me if you want to know anything else, though really you're best to go for the reference sites option, as it gives you the chance for more than just one person's view.
I guess it's summed up by one of my partners here who said: 'I do like dealing with Cloud2Me'; not something we could ever had said about HDUK in our later years with them. Maybe HDUK are a reformed character now - I can't say; all I know is that when we left them we'd been through two bad experiences - and so far there's been nothing remotely similar with Cloud2Me.

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By bernie7111
06th Mar 2024 17:34

We were with HDUK for over 7 years but they have grown too large and not invested in their staff, support process nor hardware causing may outages, namely 3 in January 24 apparently, with the most crucial on the 31st January. After months of outages, wasted labour downtime and empty promises of improvement, we moved to Cloud2Me in October 2023 and it is nice to be able to speak to support or customer service again, on the very few times we have needed them. HDUK you can only log a support call by email, which is major problem if your email is down. Alternatively you can call and leave a message with an answering service like moneypenny. Support can take 24 hours to get back to you.

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Cloud2 me as their support and customer service is superb. It is shame that HDUK have gone down the path they have, like many large companies, as initially their service was very good. Berrnard

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By JasonBrewerJPL
07th Mar 2024 10:17

Having previously owned an IT support Company that specialised in Server Installations and support, moving to hosted was very alien to me.

I was convinced to take the plunge to move to Cloud2Me in 2017 and haven't looked back since. Originally we were IRIS users and moved to CCH in 2020. I have continued to find the team very knowledgeable and helpful with both products and feel they are well respected by support teams at both IRIS and CCH.

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