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Heads Up. SEISS 3 rules re "reduced demand" etc.


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By Justin Bryant
25th Nov 2020 11:16

HMRC can give as much black & white guidance as they like, but we all know what will happen in practice in this unbridled Covid cash grab free-for-all. Just look at how the BBL guidance was totally ignored in practice re the so-called black & white conditions - what else do you expect when so much easy free money is waived in people's faces. It reminds me of allowing people to do self-certified mortgages and then being surprised at all the mortgage fraud going on.

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By clark.hall
25th Nov 2020 11:26

Quite a tightening of the rules "a significant reduction in profits" requirement. Seems again, Martin Lewis had the news first.

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Replying to clark.hall:
By Ranse
25th Nov 2020 11:56

true, i heard him last night and was like how comes? i went online to verify , no news from HMRC.

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Replying to clark.hall:
By gillybean04
25th Nov 2020 17:22

It was available on the government website for the last few weeks, but only as a general guidance/information page, not as official direction. CJRS wording was also changed some time ago.

Probably because some people were being told they could claim even if they had to buy a single PPE mask. I think some people struggled with the adverse part of adversely affected.

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25th Nov 2020 13:44

All seems pretty woolly to me. I am sure, give it a bit of thought, anyone can work their way round this. The claims open before a lot have any idea of what their business will be like in the next couple of months.
And we all know our clients. I could give you the pecking order of mine - who will be first thru the door.And its always the "grabbers" rather than the "needers"

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By yelsnew
25th Nov 2020 15:16

Anyone else feel everything is designed to hand out the cash while it's potentially needed and leave enough interpretation for them to claw it back over the coming years?

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By legerman
25th Nov 2020 16:32

Define significantly? 10% drop in income, 20%?

Most will claim this at the end of November not knowing how their trading will be in December and January, should they expect to wait til end of January and do an appraisal?

2 clients. 1 retail November income 50% downturn due to closed but still doing click and collect. Dec/Jan normal will probably be normal. Income drop 17% if all 3 months equal

Overall client did exceptionally well between the two lockdowns and plenty of mail order first time around, but not done very well in this one.

1 subcontractor. Trade down maybe 10%, probably not significant but who knows what December and January will be like?

Both will want to claim SEISS next week.

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