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As you may know, for many years I was trying to lose weight. My blogs on AccountingWeb many years ago covered this aspect time and time again. This was at the time Sift was flexible on the content of blogs. Though I understand, their current approach to relevant content.

I have finally reached a healthy weight level. I have lost a total of 53 lbs (24 kilos) over the last two years. The weight loss was achieved through a calorie deficit, a testament to the fact that there are no magic diets—just dedication, hard work, and consistency.

I used the MyFitnessPal app to keep track of my food consumption, and I highly recommend the premium version for its added features.

Over the last three months, I also participated in the Weight Watchers program. It was instrumental in teaching me about portion control and the concept of zero-point foods.

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By lionofludesch
27th Sep 2023 10:18

Well done, fella.

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David Winch
By David Winch
27th Sep 2023 10:20

lionofludesch wrote:

Well done, fella.

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By Mr Hankey
27th Sep 2023 10:21

Wow, losing 24 kilos is a great achievement, good for you.

I'm into fitness, I work out several times a week anyway, and am currently in training for the 2024 London Marathon (which falls on my birthday!)

Exercise and eating healthily makes you feel amazing, and is especially important if you have a desk job. Booze is a thorn in my side though, I love a pint of real ale, and my local is a short walk from my house, so need to be quite careful with that!

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By FirstTab
27th Sep 2023 10:30

I hope the 2024 London Marathon goes well. Added bonus is it is on your birthday.

I agree exercise and diet make us feel great.

When I was overweight, it stopped me in so many areas including meeting some of Sift's team many years ago. I am a lot older now and I wish I had lost the weight sooner. The quality of my life would have improved earlier.

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Richard Hattersley
By Richard Hattersley
27th Sep 2023 15:53

Well done FT. You should feel incredibly proud of your achievements. Hope to see you out and about soon

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By FirstTab
28th Sep 2023 18:56

Hi Richard

Thanks. I will come over and see hello when I attend when one the events.

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paddle steamer
27th Sep 2023 10:25

Congratulations, well done.

I am envious- I carry too much weight but never make time to take much exercise (apart from some gardening and DIY) and I do really like sandwiches and German beer.

My other half retires in November, perhaps we should both start taking walks together on Thursdays and Fridays , days which on paper I do not work.

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By FirstTab
28th Sep 2023 19:01


Sorry, I thought I had responded to earlier.

Weight loss is hard, but as you know benefits are huge in terms of health and overall wellbeing.

Please make a start. Consistency is the key. Treat your health as a top priority. The rest can wait.

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By Wanderer
27th Sep 2023 10:35

Well done!

Same weight loss for me last year. Like you, no secrets.
Couch to 5k.
Exercise bike in the winter.
No alcohol.
Weekly sessions with Cambridge 1:1 consultant & using their meal substitutes.
Change of mind set.

9 months, quite tough at times, but well worth it.

Just make sure you maintain it now!

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By FirstTab
27th Sep 2023 11:07

Congratulations on your weight loss. Not easy but so worth it.

I have worked too hard and I have been through a lot to put on the weight again. I have had enough of being overweight. It had a negative impact on my wellbeing.

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Tom Herbert
By Tom Herbert
27th Sep 2023 14:41

Wow, that's impressive. Nice work FirstTab. Agree with the magic diet point - there are no shortcuts, which I'm finding particularly hard to take as I hurtle deeper in middle age :-)

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By FirstTab
27th Sep 2023 15:32

Hi Tom

Thanks. As we all know weight loss is challenging. It is not helped by so many temptations around us.

As you know I have been trying for years. Finally there now.

Good luck with your weight loss journey. Please do not give up. So worth it.

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By lisimano
27th Sep 2023 16:06

Well done, that is really good going.

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By WinterDragon
27th Sep 2023 16:25

Congrats on the weight loss!

You are right, no secrets and just consistency. The annoying thing that I put weight on a lot faster than I can lose it. I gained a lot of weight over 2020 (clearly sat on backside too much) and managed to lose a lot of it through just being more active - first it was cycling to the office on occasion and now I've got into climbing. It's great for the clearing the mind - never once thought about a client whilst falling flat on my face in a bouldering gym.

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By FirstTab
28th Sep 2023 18:57

Hi WinterDragon

Please do not be like I was - hard on myself.

Life happens. Just do not give up and keep trying.

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By JCresswellTax
29th Sep 2023 09:54

Congrats Buddy, that is some going!

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By FirstTab
30th Sep 2023 05:18

To ensure that I maintain my ideal weight, I have made it a habit to weigh myself every morning. The daily check allows me to take immediate action at the slightest indication of weight gain.

I have found that it's much easier to address small gains promptly rather than letting the pounds/kilos accumulate and having to deal with a bigger issue down the line.

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Red Leader
By Red Leader
30th Sep 2023 11:28

Exactly! It's like our work - much easier to keep on top of the work than deal with a big backlog.

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By Tornado
30th Sep 2023 09:16

Well done FT

Your kind of approach works well in business too.

Being able to concentrate on the job in hand with well thought out (and achievable) aims is both efficient and rewarding.

A shame that HMRC don't have the same attitude.

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Replying to Tornado:
By FirstTab
01st Oct 2023 19:25

Hello Tornado

You make a great point about a stitch in time saves 9 on work front as well. I will apply this to my work as well now.

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Red Leader
By Red Leader
30th Sep 2023 11:32

Well done First Tab. I know you've been trying to tackle this for years.

The Ramblers is a good way to get regular exercise. Lots of walks organised and led all over the country, so always one nearby. The social element can help with commitment as well. Only costs about £40/year.

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By FirstTab
01st Oct 2023 19:28

Hello RL

Thank you. As you say, weight was an issue for me for so many years.

It held me back both on the business and personal front. Sadly I am a lot older now. However, I will do what I can for the good years left in me.

Thanks for Ramblers suggestion.

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