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Help - CIS return

Help - CIS return

Hi all,

Hoping someone's around at this time of night to help me...please?  Various facts below:

New CIS client, who paid a subcontractor under 20% deduction without verifying them.

I amended the client's PAYE registration to include CIS - with their first monthly return due today.

Then was able to request authorisation for them as a client.

Received the authorisation code late last week and entered it yesterday afternoon.

They're still not showing on my client list, even though the helpdesk told me at 6pm this evening that it should be 24 hours.

Waited till about 7:30, then downloaded the free trial of Moneysoft, thinking I could verify the subbie and submit the return without being authorised.

I've just tried to verify the subbie through Moneysoft, and it's telling me that "Your submission was sent to the Government Gateway but has been rejected.  The Government Gateway is reporting that either your ID and password are not authorised to do this type of online filing for this employer reference (xxx/xxxxxx), or the employer reference is invalid.  Please contact the HMRC to check your details."

The employer reference is correct, and as I've checked it against the new CIS employer letter they received from HMRC, I know it's valid and that they're registered for CIS.

I then had the bright idea of ringing the Online Services Helpdesk at 7:45.  They told me they were too busy, and hung up on me.  Now that the CIS helpline has done the same, and it's now after 8pm on 19th of the month, I don't know what to do.

I feel a £100 fine coming my way...can I appeal on the client's behalf?




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By Monsoon
19th Sep 2011 20:25

I can't comment on Moneysoft, but I have been in almost identical circumstances and appealed successfully, citing online filing problems. Same as you, I put authorisation through and it took longer for the client to appear on my online list, meaning I ended up filing on 20th.

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19th Sep 2011 20:36

Thanks Monsoon...

...that makes me feel much better.  What evidence did you need to appeal?  Should I be taking lots of screen shots?

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By Monsoon
19th Sep 2011 20:47

I can't remember
But yes, do that, the more evidence you have the better. My other angle was that they only supplied the paper CIS forms late, so there was no prior opportunity to file returns either. The CIS team seem to be quite good at being reasonable on penalties, so good luck.

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to MissAccounting
19th Sep 2011 22:39

Thanks for the help - and it's sorted!

They appeared on my client list at about 10:15 this evening.  So CIS return done and submitted on the 19th!  Phew...!

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