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Hi, we are looking to find a system we can use to efficiently log client queries and communications with clients (calls and emails) which also integrates with outlook emails, slack and QuickBooks online. We have client database in Taxcalc but we are quite hands on with clients generally including providing QuickBooks online support and we don't have a system for properly centralising and logging client queries and comms. One which is searchable would be great including facility to drill down and find common queries /repeat questions to give us data about what we are commonly talking to clients about. 
something online would be best as we have a mixture of home working and office working plus nearly all of our software is cloud based.

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By In a Daze
19th Jun 2021 08:12

Something like this would work:

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Elliott Chandler Picture
By elliottchandler
21st Jun 2021 18:27

You could look at using Microsoft Teams. You can setup channels and receive emails to those channels. Attachments are stored in Sharepoint and everything is searchable and integrated with Outlook. You could add further functionality with connected apps or Power Automate.

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By MarkRyan
24th Jun 2021 09:45

2 options

DIY using Microsoft 365 stuff
Cheap to start, but not cheap when you factor in your time
Consider what the Client sees - if you don't have a software designer on the team it will look like... don't have a software designer on the team

Professional helpdesk like
May look "expensive" to start with, but very cheap to run as it's all there., with a very high level of automation, routing, branding etc
They also have powerful searching and reporting across all Clients

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