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Help, I need to talk to someone

Help, I need to talk to someone

 I have a client currently with a retail business, looking to do things with buying another retail property, converting to limited co etc, and would like someone to chat it through with, any volunteers, would be prepared to pay a fair fee for this.


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08th Jul 2010 13:34


Happy to help out on the tax side - if that's what you're after. But, in fairness, I should tell you I'm going on holiday from 19 to 29 July (and have lots to do before I go) so can't do anything substantial in the next 3 weeks. Very happy to have a chat though if you give me a call on 0771 844 8505. No charge for the first chat (as long as it doesn't go on for hours!).

I'm out of the office from 2:15 today but in all day (and all night!) tomorrow except for a lunch break to recharge my batteries for the long night ahead!



[email protected]


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