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Help! Locked out of Online Services

Help! Locked out of Online Services

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When I tried to log in to HMRC to file SA Returns this morning in the usual way, I found that the Government Gateway had been re-configured, and I am no longer able to access my online agents account,

 When I do, I am taken to a screen with the following message. 

"The tax account is not yet available for agents to manage their clients' tax affairs."

I have tried phoning the Online Services Helpdesk, but all I get is a recorded message saying they are too busy to answer. I have emailed, but no reply.

Is anyone else having this problem? Is it a temporary glitch? Does anyone know a way round it?

The problem is urgent, as it's the height of the Tax Return season, and I'm now locked out of my online account!

Any help would be appreciated. 

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By Anne Robinson
09th Jan 2016 13:34

see yesterdays post
which might be of help (sorry cant do links HMRC Klogin)
I use 3rd party software and can file as usual

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By leedsfmaat
09th Jan 2016 13:41

Use this link


this link should help



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09th Jan 2016 15:40

Just spoken to HMRC


Just manged to get through to HMRC before they close at 4pm. I was given the link as suggested by leedsfmaat above. The contact at HMRC advised that for the first two hours of operation today the online helpdesk had no idea what had happened and what their advice should be to agents. It says everything about their approach to customer services that HMRC should amend login procedures in the busiest month of the year and provide no information to their helpdesk or their 'customers' as to what has taken place . 

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By whiteways
09th Jan 2016 15:45

Thanks so much for all your help, guys! HMRC just seem to keep finding new ways to screw up. No wonder accountants have so many grey hairs!

Thank God for Accountingweb!




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By janefg
11th Jan 2016 11:57

Same problem!

We had exactly the same problem over the weekend when we were trying to access client information on HMRC's website.  We tried phoning the Online Services Helpdesk between 3 and 4pm on Saturday but were completely unable to get through.  Fortunately, we looked on AccountingWeb and found this post that gave us the link to get in.

However, I have tried to get access through the traditional route today and have had the same message about the Tax Account not being available to agents. 

So, what is happening?  Are we doing something wrong in using this link?  Are we going to be permanently denied information relating to our clients' tax affairs?  Or is this an IT blip that will be corrected?

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