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Help needed with entries on partnership page

Wish to enter claim for professional subscriptions and superannuation costs

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Client was salaried and from 1 April 2017 appointed partner in GP practice. She has paid professional subscriptions personally and practice accountants have given me a note of her share of profit and details of employee's and employer's superannuation contributions. I cannot see where to claim for these "expenses" on the Partnership page although not sure why I have been given er's contribution. Help please!

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By Wanderer
16th Jan 2019 17:46

Subscriptions should have gone into the partnership tax return, can't be claimed separately.
Superannuation contributions (total) go in box 3, page TR 4.

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By GamekeeperTurnedPoacher
16th Jan 2019 20:15

Thanks, Wanderer,
Much appreciated!

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