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Help With CFD Trading

I have a client wwho has just declared he has CFD losses in the year, i understand that these are Capital Gains losses and can be carried forward to future profits. My  question is regarding the reporting of these losses to HMRC on the self assement tax return. The client has supplied me with the details of his transactions, in excess of 800 in the year. What section will these fall into on the SAR(other propert,Assets and gain, Unlisted Shares and securities), do all the transactions have to be noted or can the losses be reported as one transaction.


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13th Dec 2017 11:41

The reason for asking this anonymously is?

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to stepurhan
13th Dec 2017 14:05
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13th Dec 2017 12:35

It is easiest to just attach a PDF of the details to the electronic Tax Return and put an entry on the CGT page referring to it.

I believe that CFD's are not actually shares, so it will need to go into the "Other property assets and gains" section. Make sure you get the right number of disposals in box 14, otherwise it will be an incorrect Return.

Obviously you need to ensure all 800 transactions are included in the PDF with the gains/losses properly calculated.

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13th Dec 2017 12:35

Duplicate - deleted!

Too impatient!!

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02nd Apr 2018 12:56

Hi can some one help me. I traded on etoro this year ( CDF) and made quite a bit of losses and quite a bit of gains, but I think overall I have had equal amount of loss as I have gains but still have my the majority of my portfolio as unrealised, with a present loss of $-4,000. Can I offset my losses on my tax return?

Or can this only be done once the portfolio has been realised?

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