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Help with filling in MLR100 please

Help with filling in MLR100 please

I've just gone self employed as a bookkeeper and I'm a bit confused by Q13 - Premises

Do I list the 3 clients I have?

I've put my home address as my principal place of business, but I don't actually do any work from home, I work from clients premises.... So should my principle place of business be the address of the client I'm at the most?? Then have the two others listed under Q13??

I'm confused! Can anybody advise please.



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By DMGbus
20th Mar 2012 08:50


You are home-based.  That is where the business is organised and administered.  That is, unless one of your clients agrees that you can be based at their premises and do your admin work at their premises which to me seems unlikely to apply.  

Having more than one client helps point to you being home based.

The fact as to where you are based actually does have tax implications for you...

By being home-based your travel from home to client becomes a business trip and the costs tax allowable

By being client-based your travel from home to client is NOT a business trip and the costs NOT tax allowable.



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By oligeo
20th Mar 2012 11:22

Thank you so much for your reply DMMGbus, yes I am home based and travel to my clients inorder to do their bookkeeping/wages. I was panicking slightly at the though of having to pay £110 for each client.

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20th Mar 2012 11:35

You probably do work from home

Presumably you do the bookkeeping etc for your own business at home, browse Accounting Web to keep up to date with the latest developments in the profession and so on.  All these things are just as important as the productive fee earning work, so you do work from home.

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