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Help with Payrolling Benefits Journal

How to post payrolled Healthcare Benefit in Wages Journal & subsequent monthly DD

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I have been payrolling benefits (Health Care) for 2 employees since April 2019.  I use the nominal link in Sage to post the wages journal (I've amended some codes on this to suit) but on looking into this more deeply I can see that the amount of Payrolling Benefits (total £21.18 per week) isn't being picked up and accounted for. 

I have the nominal codes set up for Health Care in Liabs (2231) and Expenses (7012).    Am I correct in thinking that the journal should be:


Dr 7012   (Healthcare)    ?

Cr 2231   (Healthcare)    ?


When I post the monthly DD for Healthcare Invoice I normally Dr 7012 (Healthcare) & Cr Bank 1202 with the full amount.  However, one employee is still having his benefit on his P11D so the monthly DD will be more than the amount I am posting to 2231(Healthcare)  in the wages journals above.   Should I be splitting the amount, ie posting the £21.18 per week to 2231 and making a separate journal for the remainder of the healthcare invoice that is going to the P11D? 

Can anyone help in confirming that the posting above is correct and how would I post the monthly Healthcare direct debit please?


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