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Help with QuickBooks online and D/D by Go Cardless

Interaction between software to take part payments re sales invoices

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Im a bookkeeper who is relatively new to Quickbooks online and hoping someone can help please.

My client issues sales invoices on a monthly automated recurring basis via Quickbooks online.  These invoice amounts are then paid by their debtors by direct debit via a Go Cardless link (claimed via Quickbooks direct to GC, ie the payment is not scheduled in GC!).  

Unless of course a DD bounces, which has occured with one of the debtors who now owes 3 months worth of invoices, due to an issue in part caused by the debtor moving banks. A new D/D is being set up today from his new bank, but in the meantime the Directors have agreed he can spread the old invoices over the next 7 months.

My question - is it possible for quickbooks to only claim a part of the invoice amount via Go Cardless so that this payment spread can be achieved? If so, how do I process this? Does anyone have idiots guide/link that can talk me through the process?   Ive tried looking in the QBO helpfiles but failed miserably.

Thank you in advance

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By kevinread
07th Jan 2022 15:51

Not possible. Only full sales invoices can be collected.

Have a look here...

Only alternative would be to setup a Plan in GoCardless and process manually in QuickBooks.

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Replying to kevinread:
By FedupBookkeeper
07th Jan 2022 16:17

Thank you Kevin, thought that might be the case, but good to know Ive not totally lost the plot with QBO. (Yet).

Should have known that information would be easier to locate in Go Cardless help files though.

Annoyingly I had moved away from the plan in Go Cardless/process manually method so hoped to avoid going back to it.

Thanks again

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By carnmores
07th Jan 2022 17:31

Collect old amounts by STO?

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By johnt27
10th Jan 2022 09:10

It is possible to spread payments using the Xero/GC link so I'd be surprised if this isn't possible with QBO - hunt through the GC help and see if it's possible.

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