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Help with Sage correction

Help with Sage correction

I have been entering expenses for items bought by employees for the company as supplier invoices paid to the employee. However I have wrongly entered a couple of transactions as being paid to the company that the items were bought from rather than the employee who bought them and needed reimbursing. The actual payments from the bank were made to the employee but on sage it is down as the wrong account. I have entered the invoices as paid on sage so when I try to go to correct the transactions I get an error message that says "this transaction has been allocated against a receipt and VAT calculated therefore this change cannot be allowed." How can I remedy this situation.

Thank you very much for the help!  


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02nd May 2012 09:49

is there a problem?


Sounds to me like all supplier invoices (employee and actual supplier) have been paid off and are therefore showing a zero balance on Sage.

I'm thinking therefore that, as long as the actual employee has received the payment (not the supplier) from the bank then there isnt actually a problem ie suppliers ledgers are correctly showing zero balances and the payment from the bank have been made correctly and can be reconciled.

As long as there is a reference within Sage to the invoice number to enable you to locate the invoice, i would suggest leaving the records as they are because as things stand, the accounting records are accurate.

Or am i missing something?

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By Jazz
to James_Paybureau
02nd May 2012 10:03


Thanks for the answer. It may be that I can just leave it. The supplier ledgers are showing zero balances, I was just a bit concerned that the record of who we have paid on sage doesn't match who our bank statement shows that we have paid. But it might be that this doesn't matter?? Thanks again for the help.



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02nd May 2012 10:31

Can see your point.......

but I would be very tempted just to leave it, as nothing is actually wrong as such.

You could of course post credit notes in the supplier ledger, re-post the invoice to the employee supplier account then sort out the payments from the bank to give you zero balances on the "revised" supplier ledger!!!!!

But thats a lot of work for something that is, as it stands already correct/fine.

I would leave it :)

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