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Help with Sage upgrade

Have upgraded from Sage Start to Accounting but its not right and want to switch back but can't!

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Have upgraded in error as it's just not what I need!  Want to revert back to Sage Start but apparently would need to open a new account (with different email - which I could do) and therefore won't be able to see all previous data.  None of the current info now seems to make any sense.  Panicking cos its our year end and VAT return at end of October and really can't see a solution.  

Any ideas would be good

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By ireallyshouldknowthisbut
09th Oct 2019 11:33

I can see your problem - you are using SAGE.

Try speaking to your accountant about using a product that isn't total carp.

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By johnt27
09th Oct 2019 11:35

Speak to Sage - it's your only choice!

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09th Oct 2019 12:19

You might want to consider staying with the upgraded Sage for the time being, then moving to something a lot better, simpler, and cheaper in the longer term. VT Transaction Plus is excellent. Sage is an abomination.

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By rob winder
10th Oct 2019 11:29

Kerry, there is nothing wrong with Sage and their support is far superior to some of the alternatives. I would stick with it as Accounting as it is far superior to Sage Start. I would start by speaking to your accountant who should be able to point you in the right direction.

We use Sage as our preferred software so if you want some assistance feel free to private message me.

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By kevbrownuk
16th Oct 2019 20:58

Hi Kerry,

It is true that once the data has been migrated up to Sage Accounting, it cannot then be downgraded. You mention that the data no longer makes any sense to you. If you want to drop me an email [email protected] i will try to assist you as best i can. The Accounting product does follow the same fundamentals as Sage Start however it does have alot of added functionality which can seem a bit confusing if it was not what you were expecting.

Kevin Brown
Regional Development Manager (Yorkshire)
SAGE UK - Accountants

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