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Help with Sage VAT Return

Help with Sage VAT Return
I have been using Sage Line 50 and the VAT cash accounting scheme for some years. I have just tried to prepare the VAT return for the latest quarter and the VAT return function on Sage is only picking up one transaction which is a sales receipt I posted in January. There are a number of other payments and receipts posted during the quarter but these are not being picked up. I have looked at the transactions and cannot see why they are not being picked up or why the one transaction from January is. There is no obvious difference between the postings. I am sure I have not changed any settings since I prepared the last VAT return. The last VAT return was reconciled when I prepared it and is still showing as reconciled. Has anyone else had this problem? Is there something obvious I'm missing? I'd appreciate any suggestions as it's driving me crazy! 
I know how to calculate the VAT due using the nominal accounts so the actual calculation isn't the issue, I just want to be able to use the VAT return function again. 
Also, I have checked the transactions are all posted correctly, i.e. the same way they have been posted previously when they have all come through to the VAT return. 


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02nd May 2012 10:25

VAT Return

I assume this is the same question you've posted on SageForum and the UK Business Forums - I've replied on both those forums.


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