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HGV Instructor under IR35

Would he likely to be under IR35

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I received a call today from a potential client who wants to meet up.  He is a HGV instructor.

He was told to setup a limited company by the agency.

I am trying to decide if its worth meeting a client that maybe under IR35

I have met lorry drivers in the past that were clearly under IR35.  I don't have much information on the specifics of the role but I am trying gauage the likelihood of this person being under IR35.


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By lionofludesch
20th Jun 2019 18:37

If you don't fancy it, don't take it on.

As I've said before, you seem to be a "problem client magnet".

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By JimLittle
20th Jun 2019 19:09

I would probably declined the meeting if it was clear that this client would probably be under IR35

I merely asked the question in case someone else has had a similar case of an HGV instructor and if they were inside or outside IR35.

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By Matrix
20th Jun 2019 20:28

As always with IR35, it will depend on the facts. And the end client’s interpretation of the facts once the off payroll rules come in. Find out what discussions have been had and what the contract says and the rate agreed.

I probably wouldn’t take it on since you would have to look into the IR35 position and may only have one year’s accounts and so all the training of how to run a limited company for a year’s fee.

I just signed up a contractor client and she has since been offered a permanent position and I haven’t even done anything yet! Although will have to advise on closing the company.

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