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Hi, Any tips for the best software for VAT MTD

Desktop software MTD. What do you think of moneymanager? Any other simple cheap software\/

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I am looking for a simple accounting software, not too expensive, for a client, has to be MTD. He isn't getting on with QB online so need to do it myself, I am just starting out, however, I do contract out to other accountants, so can use any software. I need cheap and practical I have used moneymanager years ago, just wondered if it is suitable now, I do use moneymanager payroll.  Can anyone recommend anything?

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By Wanderer
28th Apr 2021 18:00

VTT+ no contest.

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By SXGuy
28th Apr 2021 18:58

Didn't think moneymanager handled Mtd? Maybe it does now. I use quick file.

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By rmillaree
29th Apr 2021 10:38

I have signed up for Bokio this morning - early days but seems promising so far (its free)

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By cassiefennell
29th Apr 2021 11:21

Its absolutely fantastic. I use this for the majority of my clients and they love it, it is that user friendly.
Customer service is spot on!
Its a possibility that your client can get the software for free depending who they bank with.
I've been using it since I set up 2 years ago and it has been a god send!

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