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hire/lease or buy car for Ltd Company

hire/lease or buy car for Ltd Company

Hello Guys,

I run a small leaflet distribution ltd company, soon to expand

We supervise each distribution drop which requires the supervisor to drive around for 50-100 miles each working day,

I normally do this in my private car,

Now we will be employing a supervisor and want to provide them with a car (helps make the job role more attractive and credibility for the business)

We're lost to what sort of car (likely to be smallish, low CO2 and decent size boot or a car-van) and also how to purchase it to benefit the business most with regards to tax.

Once we have one supervisor and car sorted we will be looking to get another supervisor and another car (end of year)

and eventually expand like this, to have 5 cars. (end of 2014)

Can anyone offer some advice please.

p.s. if you are located near south london and we are looking for an accountant, i'd like to discuss this amongst other things asap!




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