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Historic Share Prices

Historic Share Prices

Anyone know a good website where you can look up historic share prices?


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By gbowyer
11th Jan 2007 10:56

Try Yahoo
If you go to
and click on the "Historical Prices" on the left hand menu you should be able to find daily closing prices.

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By Rehan1
12th Jan 2007 14:00

My Question.

Hi ,

is this for one company share price or All companies.

Historic Share Prices meant to be for ?

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12th Jan 2007 15:08

Stock Exchange
The place where official share prices, the sort to use for IHT?CGT purposes can be found used to be the most expensive daily paper in Britain, the Stock Exchange Daily Official List - however the SE have an electronic equivalent on their website where for a fiver each you can get official quotes - follow this link to the probate service they offer -

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By rainbow
12th Jan 2007 21:52

Share Price for all companies?
Thanks Geoff for the link.

To answer Rehan, this site can be used for most companies. Use the link provided by Geoff, but omit the last part after ....&s

Click on 'Symbol look-up' and an A-Z listing appears. Click on 'Quote' for the company and various details will appear. Then follow Geoff's instruction and click on 'Historical Prices'.

Does anyone know of a (free) site giving historical data of dividends for each company?

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By Bosctax
13th Jan 2007 09:52

I use Northcote Data for dividends
Brian, try this link:

Amongst the data for each company you will nearly always find a list of the dividends paid over the last few years.

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