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HMO, Smoke Alarms etc & W&T

HMO, Smoke Alarms etc & W&T

Hi there,

Many of you that have clients with buy to lets and so forth will no doubt have come across expenses in relation to the new HMO (Homes in multiple occupation) rules.

Does anyone know therefore know for definate the tax treatment of the individual components that make up the various costs, covering items such as:

HMO Licence itself
Smoke Alarms
Fire doors and door closers
Emergency lighting
Energy PErformance Certificates (As of Oct 2008)

Will they qualify for seperate capital allowances (in addition to W&T), or no allowances at all and simply form part of the base cost of the property when it is subsequently sold or will they be deductible as a revenue expense?

Im assuming seperate capital allowances, but I think the fire doors won't and will become part of the building as the work hasn't been undertaken with the specific fire regulation directive (Although for HMO licence it is a legal requirement)

Any help appreciated as HMRC's manuals are silent on this matter!


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