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HMRC - age discrimination

Are HMRC discriminating against people in the age range 40 plus

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I have been thinking and reading about MTD4V - HMRC expect all Taxpayers to be totally computer literate and also have the appropraie accounting skills to complete cloud accounting or spreadsheets. I personallybeing 57 and the understanding of double entry I can easily complete manual records and sort of understand computers if I print out from them - ledgers etc. I was never formally taught how to use a computer and I find them frustrating to use, I was taught to write on pages. At the moment compared with another individual who was taught spreadsheets at School is far advanced with MTD and so I would like you to consider if I am being discrimated against by HMRC - discrimibation = the unjust or predjudicial treatment of different catergories of people on the grounds of race AGE or sex. I would thank you in advance for your thoughts and what I might say to HMRC about this point .

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By thestudyman
03rd Mar 2019 22:05

Definitely not, it was your choice to not learn via a computer.

There has been courses for silver surfers since the late 1990s/early 2000s if someone wanted to brush up their computer skills.

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Replying to thestudyman:
By GHarr497688
03rd Mar 2019 22:53

I was talking more about a person who's English is not the first language maybe in their 60's and running a business need the time spent at night school to earn crust and I note you have totally ignored my point about book-keeping ! Maybe you should take a refresher course in reading .

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Replying to thestudyman:
By meadowsaw227
04th Mar 2019 08:09

It is not about choice - it is about being forced to actually go to the expense/trouble of learning about computers.
How do computers help a chap running say a small coffee shop or a lorry driver with one lorry or a hair dresser JUST over the vat limit.
All of whom relied on accountants to timely file their returns.

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By K81
04th Mar 2019 10:02

I am 50 & loathe computers, I do not use one outside of the office.
I would much rather write things out, in my experience this helps alleviate errors.
MTD is not something I am looking forward to.

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Jennifer Adams
By Jennifer Adams
04th Mar 2019 12:09

Hate to say this GHarr - but this has been reported on on Accountingweb "ad infinitum"and HMRC are fully aware of the problems (or so they say). Right at the beginning at the first committee meeting between MP's and HMRC this was a specif point made by MP's
(see article here:

And there is nothing that you can say to HMRC - MTD is here to stay for those you mention although there are limited exemptions for those who really cant cope etc.

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