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HMRC Agent Authorisation codes not working

After entering the codes on our agent account, the client never appears on our client list

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Recently we've requested authorisation codes from HMRC for a number of new clients.
The clients receive the code, we enter it as usual on our agent login and it says it's successful. Usually they take 2 days to actually appear in our client list.

However, recently after 3 weeks the clients are still not showing on our client list so we can't access their tax overviews or check their accounts or contact HMRC as we're not classed as their agent, even though we've successfully entered the codes. This has happened with self-assessment, corporation tax and PAYE authorisations. 

Has anyone else had this problem, and have you found a solution?

Besides sending 64-8s for each client, which we've done in the past and also had problems with.


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18th Jun 2019 14:46

have you checked to see if they are assigned to a user, or rather that they are not assigned? (go to Manage Account then manage who can access and then filter by all clients and assigned to nobody). Thats where ours usually disappear to

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to NH
18th Jun 2019 15:56

Thanks, I just found about 8 of them in the unassigned section. How odd that some appear on the client list straight away and others go to the unassigned section. I'm still missing a few more but that has helped a lot, thanks!

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18th Jun 2019 15:16

Have you tried searching via UTR?

I thought I had a client who was missing from the list and went through the process twice before I realised that she was appearing under her maiden/non double name.

Barring that, it's worth calling them to check whether their systems are showing that a 64-8 is in place and going from there. It may be that the online services department may need to be called to sort the issue.

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to We're_all_mad_here
18th Jun 2019 15:58

Thanks, I wondered if it might be a similar issue so I tried searching by UTRs but to no avail.

There's an option in the PAYE section to inform them of missing clients but I can't find that option in CT and that seems to be where the remainder of my missing clients should be....

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to adam kay
18th Jun 2019 16:34


It sounds like you may need to give HMRC online services a call to see if there is a signal on their system which is stopping the cleint appearing on your list.

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18th Jun 2019 16:39

I had a few this happend with for PAYE and they have a query button at the bottom of the list when you can type in the Paye reference and HMRC hunt for it for you.

Low and behold they refreshed the list and the extra ones are there.

MTD for accounts is going to be a breeze.

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