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HMRC Agent Helpline - Delay times / Cut Off

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I had hoped that the Agent Helpline service would improve after 31 January, is anyone else finding they have to wait c20 minutes for the call to be answered or they get the standard 'we can't deal with your call' when you phone?

Very frustrating and I dont see anyone else complaining about this?

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By K81
19th Mar 2021 15:44

lots of complaints about this.
Agent helpline has been suspended so you just get put in the queue with everyone else.
I have got through to someone on two different occasions to be told "I don't deal with self-assessment, sorry" and they hang up!

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By sarahg
19th Mar 2021 16:04

Use the normal lines, always say yes you will do the survey and call at 8am

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By Matrix
19th Mar 2021 19:41

CIOT discussed this with HMRC last week and the ADL won’t be restored until we are well out of the pandemic. It appears that its use had shifted as most agents were calling up for employment history and they are considering other options such as workshops for agents.

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Replying to Matrix:
By Hugo Fair
20th Mar 2021 11:08

Why do we (and more importantly the Institutes) let HMRC get away with vague & sloppy statements like "most agents were calling up for employment history"?

This should have been quantified - and then placed in the context of overall number of calls to ADL + comparison of avg (and min/max) duration of these calls with overall 'performance' of the service.

A serious look at issues on a helpline service WILL indeed uncover opportunities to improve both quality and responsiveness - but only where those are the objectives, not simply how to save money for HMRC. In that context, the phrase "workshops for agents" does not bode well for the future!

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By Paul Crowley
19th Mar 2021 23:37

HMRC see agent calls as wasting their valuable time
Call is just stuck in the normal 'customer' queue to normal service people
20 minutes is a bargail
last call I made was 55 minutes before answered

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By Paul Crowley
19th Mar 2021 23:38

If you were a regular you would read very many complaints

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