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HMRC, Agent Maintainer and GDPR

More of a statement than a question. HMRC have advised that GDPR prevents transfer of Agent

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We have just completed a practice purchase. HMRC have advised that they no longer do bulk transfers of clients from one agent to another due to GDPR. They say we have to send fresh 64-8's for all clients. 

Anyone else had this experiance or know how to counter the claim?


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By SteveRA
05th Oct 2018 15:37

If they refuse to update the agent details after your bulk transfer request surely they will be issuing confidential tax information to an incorrect address, the old agent, and thereby breaking GDPR rules anyway.

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By jjreid
31st Oct 2018 17:10

Hi James

I tried to do a mass transfer late last year and HMRC said this was no longer possible. They didn't blame GDPR but insisted on new 64-8's for all clients anyway....

There was no persuading them otherwise!!


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