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HMRC agent portal and Personal Tax Annual Summary

HMRC agent Portal and Personal Tax Annual Summary 'Technical Problem'

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Every time I try and view a (personal tax) Annual Summary for a client I get the message:

Sorry, there was a technical problem

We couldn't retrieve your client's summary. Please try again.

Is this just me or does everyone get it and it isn't working for agents yet?

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By TessaW
27th Feb 2018 11:07

All I get is the agent services account that I set up when I was trying to do the trust registration last November. I didn't bother trying to transfer any clients in then so no services are visible. According to the MTD webinar done by HMRC the agent services account was not going to be functional until MTD came into play so it appears that we are cut out of everything for a year or so! I've just succeeded in doing 1 trust registration & wanted to get the basic trust details that HMRC already hold for my other trusts so I could register them but it looks as though I don't bother doing anything

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By michaelblake
27th Feb 2018 13:26

It may not be worth looking at anyway. Last week when I checked a 2017/2018 coding notice for my wife, via her YouGov personal tax account and noted that it was different to the code sent to her employer, and queried that with HMRC, HMRC told me that the taxpayer notice was incorrect; this was a widespread problem that they knew about; and they thought it may have been caused by the March computer run/reconciliation needed to produce the 208/2019 coding notices.

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By Expat24
28th Feb 2018 16:27

HMRC systems - simply not fit for purpose.

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