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HMRC Agent Questionnaire Feedback

I got more than I bargained for

Well its great that in this new enlightened age that HMRC feek they are capable of now communicating with Agents via email (and sensible pro-active conversations by telephone - I had one of those yesterday).

This morning I received a copy of the survey results for the 'SA Pre-Population service' which I took part in a month or so ago.

Its here for anyone that's interested:

What I hadn't expected was to be able to see the email addresses of the other 185 agents who responded.

I think the sender has probably had a tough morning and now knows what the  'bcc' field is for.

Anyone else received this?




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30th Nov 2017 11:34


Have just received an apology e-mail from HMRC for the security breach.

So do HMRC really lurk on AWeb??? Should be manning the vat helpdesk - takes ages to get through - Ahem!

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30th Nov 2017 12:17

I can't believe you counted them!!
I got the apology before the offending email

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to Marion Hayes
30th Nov 2017 13:00

Of course I did...I'm an accountant!!!...

... and crossed checked it to the number of respondents mentioned in the survey.

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to Kent accountant
30th Nov 2017 15:33

Well done you.

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01st Dec 2017 10:54

It's gone now...

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By SXGuy
01st Dec 2017 10:56

So can we now slap a fine on then for breach of dpa? No probably not.

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01st Dec 2017 10:56

Complaint to ICO should be made

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By Catti
01st Dec 2017 12:48

I too received the email but the apology arrived before I could respond. I was a bit cross, but based on past experience, complaining to the ICO will not do much good. I complained when HMRC admitted breaching a client's confidentiality, but as HMRC said they had taken steps to prevent it happening again no action was taken.

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02nd Dec 2017 01:06

At least you received an apology from HMRC.

Frequently when I explain that a sender's failure to send a batch of emails as blind copies has been a breach of the DPA all I receive is abuse.

I limit the potential damage by giving each organisation with which I correspond a unique email address for me. Then, if its confidentiality is lost, I just change to a new address and any spam to the old address is routed directly to my Junk folder.

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