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HMRC Agent Service Client Authorisation

How does does client activation take?

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Hello all,

I entered the online authorisation code for CT for a client last night, but I am not yet able to access their information on the HMRC Agent section.  How long does it normally take for this to activate?  Anybody know a good number for HMRC so I can discuss this with them?




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By SteLacca
08th Jun 2018 09:14

Work on 48 hours. However, sometimes you have to log in to the Government Gateway an assign the client before it will appear on your list on HMRC's site.

Possibly the most convoluted an inefficient systems ever.

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Replying to SteLacca:
By Jholm
08th Jun 2018 16:44

You have to knock on the door and pet the dog in that order before you can enter the house.

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