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I applied for an authorisation for a client I thought from my new Agent Services Account (ASA).  The letter with the authorisation code sent to my new client shows the new details for my new ASA account, and not the details for my Online Services for Agents (OSA) account.

However neither my new ASA account, nor my old OSA account, offered a screen to enter the code.

I took a chance logging in using my ASA details but the route that I would normally use for my OSA account, and lo – there was a screen into which I could enter the authorisation code and it was accepted.

However I do not know if the authorisation will actually take effect, and if it does whether I will be able to file a vat return for this client (turnover < £85,000) through my ASA account, my OSA account, or this new “limbo” account I seem to have created.

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