HMRC and Companies House login issues

How can we avoid the need to use one of our teams mobile no for HMRC security validation?

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How can we avoid the need to use one of our teams mobile no for HMRC security validation? I can't believe large firms have this set up as it's dependent on one individual being around to pass the code on to other team members.

It looks like we have a simlar issue now with Companies except email address required rather than mobile no.


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By ireallyshouldknowthisbut
27th Sep 2022 12:43

They just haven't thought about how larger firms might work.

I am a 2 person set up and gone with web email account for Companies House that we can both access - nice and insecure for a big firm

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By accountantccole
27th Sep 2022 16:29

We have an office mobile that gets the codes - all team members have access. It is a bottom of the range non smart phone that I can barely remember how to operate but it works!

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By Refs1
27th Sep 2022 18:32

Pay as you go phone for this purpose. Just remember to make a phone call every so often as it gets cut off otherwise! Lol

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By NotAnAccountant2
27th Sep 2022 21:48

You can port a mobile number to a VOIP provider and then receive texts as emails.

Andrews and Arnold can do this (although I don't know if they offer it if you don't take your internet connection from them) and I would assume that others can too.

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By Duggimon
28th Sep 2022 10:18

You can use a mailbox for the Co House 2FA, it doesn't have to be a phone number. Ours goes to the reception mailbox.

You can also set up as many web filing accounts as you want, you don't all need to use the same one.

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By johnjenkins
29th Sep 2022 10:25

The higher the tech, the more problems. All so that HMRC and Co House can pass all their work onto us.

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John Hextall
By John Hextall
29th Sep 2022 10:29

There is somewhere on the website the ability to add another mobile number but it is hard to find. Go to 'manage account' then 'team member access'.

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By JS23
29th Sep 2022 10:34

On companies house you can skip this procedure and just get a general email set-up for access. (let me know and my IT team can call you to discuss same)

HMRC, we use our landline and not mobile numbers.

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By kevinringer
29th Sep 2022 10:53

We have several dozen staff that need to access the HMRC and CH codes, so we have a cheap PAYG mobile for these. But that was a nightmare when Covid restrictions required home working. It is still a problem now because we operate in rural Wales and don't have a good mobile signal so we're frequently having to take the phone for a walk round the carpark. All these "improvements" just consume more of our time. The phone is supposed to have wifi calling so we should get the texts over the wifi, but it doesn't work and I can't figure out why.

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By vraithatha
03rd Oct 2022 11:55

We have two direct dial landline numbers retained specifically for HMRC logins (Accounts Payable's landline for CIS verification and Finance Manager's for VAT registration and returns), and my mobile number in case of emergencies e.g. if everyone needs to WFH.

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