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HMRC App - Transfer to New Phone

Is this possible and if so, who has experience of this?

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Dear All,

For most clients, I am an agent and only have access to the agent side of HMRC Online. However... for one "client"/ "employer" (with 7 businesses), I act as an office holder and carry out all aspects of tax (including submission of DD payments). I therefore use the HMRC app to generate access codes for all 7 businesses (which for reasons I'll not go into are spread over 10 different HMRC Online accounts).

Now... I will admit to being behind the times in updating my mobile and, since the latest HMRC App update runs on Android 5 and above, my trusty workhorse Samsung S4 Mini (Android 4.4.4) will not accept the update. I am therefore in the unfortunate position of - not only having to "get with the times" and upgrade my phone - but I am unable to access the user IDs already set up on the app.

I have tried to transfer the app - and the app data - using dr.fone (software which transfers - not only pictures, contacts etc but - also transfers apps). However, for some reason, it will not transfer the app or app data for HMRC - it does transfer every other app and data however. It seems that, as my primary reason for buying the software was to obtain the HMRC data, I have wasted my money!

I am pretty sure I am not the only person who has come acrosss this issue and I am pretty sure there is a quick and simple way of getting around the problem - without having to contact HMRC (probably on 10 separate occassions) to have the additional security removed from the user IDs. Surely HMRC have not provided an App that will need resetting by them every single time someone changes their phone... have they???

Any help or advice would be greatly recommended.

Many thanks


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By bettybobbymeggie
26th Aug 2018 21:26

No experience of your specific app issue, but I used Samsung's Smart Switch software to transfer a backup from one Samsung phone to another after a mishap with my old phone. HSBC banking app was transferred seamlessly so it may be worth a try if you haven't already.

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By SXGuy
26th Aug 2018 21:44

2nd for smart switch. Banking apps transfer perfectly so hmrc would too

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Replying to SXGuy:
By legerman
27th Aug 2018 12:46

SXGuy wrote:

2nd for smart switch. Banking apps transfer perfectly so hmrc would too

Although the banking apps transfer across, the log in data doesn't. I had to re-input my customer number on one and set up my passcode on the other. 2 min jobs but presumably the OP will lose the log in connection on the HMRC that he already has.

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