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Client lives overseas

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I requested a SA authorisation code for new client living abroad. However the code took around 6 weeks to get there and it had expired. Is there anyway round this as it looks like its not going to be possible to get authorised to act on their behalf?

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By Malek
04th Mar 2024 11:12

64-8 form

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By pauld
04th Mar 2024 12:01

Do you think if clients signs a copy electronically and I then print and send off, that will suffice?
My only concern is that 'HMRC and dealing with post' not the best combination nowadays but at least its an alternative option. Thanks.

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By leeanthonyblackshaw
04th Mar 2024 12:27

See HMRC Agent Update 115 "Digital or electronic signatures"

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By CptCave
04th Mar 2024 14:16

HMRC now accept digital or electronic signatures on 64-8's

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By K81
04th Mar 2024 11:57

my client in France receives HMRC post in around 14 days - however my client in Holland takes six weeks to arrive!
I e-mailed a 64-8 to Holland & client printed, signed & posted it back, that was the best way for my client.

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By Mr Sandman
04th Mar 2024 14:12

My experience relates to 2 clients living in Australia.
At the 4th attempt, the authorization codes arrived before expiry, with 1 day to spare.
Should the tax returns have been submitted late, because of the authorization code's late arrival, then an appeal against the late filling penalty should be successful.

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By jonharris999
04th Mar 2024 14:37

They can authorise you online (for SA) from within their GG Business Tax Account:

They log into their GG -

"Manage Account" - "Accountants and Tax Agent" "Add, view, agents" - "All other tax agent services" - "Authorise an Agent"

Then they enter your Gateway Agent Identifier.

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