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HMRC Authorisations Frustations

HMRC Authorisations Frustations

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I sumbitted an online client authorisation a few weeks ago. The client received the code and forwaded it on to me. I input the code and the client appeared on my client list. I then prepared and submitted the clients SA tax return on Tuesday and all was ok. I then logged on in front of the client the next day, i.e. yesterday as I like to show the client the current tax position. However, they were no longer on my list. Therefore, a very embarassing situation.

I phoned up online services and they simply said that authorisation isnt in place and they couldnt do anything. I then contacted CAAT who said the same and said I had to submit a 64-8 or submit another online authorisation.

I find this totally bizzare - how can they be so useless.

I even tried phoning up CAAT as the client, but they were filling me up with some incorrect information about different levels of authorisation - one for just submitting and the other for submitting and access to records.

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By petersaxton
23rd Jun 2011 16:53


HMRC are in chaos and the sooner the government accepts the fact and does what is needed the better.

Unfortunately, the government are incompetent.

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By bernard michael bayly
24th Jun 2011 09:05

HMRC Frustrations

how can they be so useless.

To misquote the Santander advert "because together we are HMRC"

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By daveah
27th Jun 2011 13:10

Beat this

Input a number of CT authorisation codes and all were accepted. The clients didn't appear as clients on HMRC within 72 hours so called the online services help desk. Guy informed me that my company had ceased being an agent on the 8th of April which left me totally bemused as I didn't become an agent until 19th of April.

Was given a different number to call, who basically said not our fault, can't help you and gave me the same number I had previously rung!!

Anyone got a number for CAAT at Long Benton cos Lord knows I need it.

Soul destroying

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By a_m
27th Jun 2011 15:15

Here is the Number


0191 2258582

Hope you get sorted - so frustrating!!!

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