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HMRC 'Auto' Update of home address

Anyone experienced HMRC changing client address?

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My client advised me that his Statement of Account had been sent to his son's address (also an employee of the company).  When I contacted HMRC they advised a specific date when it was changed (which coincided with client's birthday) and that they had been requested to do this.  Further checking established there was no postal request; there were no notes on the account; and that this had been done as an 'auto' update.

I raised concerns about data protection, as personal data had now been shared with not only the son, but the previous girlfriend - unfortunately the initials and surname of father and son are the same, so son was unaware that it wasn't his mail until he opened it.  I also requested that this be raised to their technical department as it was obviously an internal issue.

There was a lot of umming about it, and I have little faith that this would be done.  Any thoughts on how this should be followed up would be appreciated as it could well be happening to others.

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By Paul Crowley
06th Aug 2020 12:11

I have come across it when client on self assessment.
Employer submitted RTI using old address

Client then moved back to old address by HMRC

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By SXGuy
06th Aug 2020 15:47

I often find hmrc fail to update the address but I guess it can work both ways.

A long time ago hmrc confused two clients of mine, both son and father, both with the same initials. It actually took me requesting it be handed over to someone higher up to get the matter resolved. This was a tax issue more than sharing personal info, but sometimes you need someone with a brain to actually get an answer.

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