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HMRC & Bankruptcy

HMRC Debt department wanted to go for bankrupcty

Hi Guys

I got an appeal going on my self assessment HMRC bill, The person dealing with my case had been relocated due to a reshuffle within HMRC (as told by HMRC staff). Now i been getting lettersd from HMRC Debt Management Department, i told them i got an appeal going through and once that is settled i will set up a payment plan and start to pay. As my case has not still been allocated to a HMRC tax inspector so i was at a loss whilst these guys keeping coming to my house.

They are asking for £80,000.00 and my accountant worked out £40,000.00 and i have also managed to arrange up to £35,000.00 from family and friends.

Now i been given a week to pay the bill or they will proceed with bankruptcy proceeding please advise as to my options as i want to like this to happen:

1) get a HMRC officer to talk to me or my accountant

2) Pay them £35,00.00 and arrange a payment plan for the rest

3) Also carry on the dispute through my accountant with HMRC on the disputed amounted

4) Can i get longer then 12 month period to pay back the amount (if they request £80,000.00)


All advise is appreciated as i am really going through a rough patch at the moment and need help and guidance


thank you


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16th Aug 2017 14:22

You have an accountant. Ask them for advice. My advice would be to pay the £40K for a starter, but you may be better advised to seek bankbruptcy. Contact the CAB.

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16th Aug 2017 14:41

Your previous posts suggest a pretty chequered past in your relations with hmrc.

Your accountant seems to have been working on your behalf. Why do you think someone here, who you don't know, and can't possibly have all the facts to hand, is likely to offer you better advice?

Go back to your accountant and discuss these options with him or her. And consider getting legal advice. These are significant sums and you need to get it right.

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