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HMRC business survey

Is it legit?

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A client has received a letter from HMRC saying that HMRC have appointed an independent research company, Kantar Public, to survey a random selection of business users of HMRC services to gather their thoughts of HMRC services.

They are asking for the FD, or senior person who deals with the company's tax affairs to have a 20 minutes phone call with one of the researchers.  Has anyone else or a client received this?

The letter is signed by Margaret Mousley, deputy director, HMRC, which, given it raised alarm bells generally, almost made me laugh out loud that it would be signed by, as good as, M Mouse.

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the sea otter
By memyself-eye
04th Oct 2021 18:06

Take the call and just answer
In an 'Elvis' sort of way........

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By Hugo Fair
04th Oct 2021 18:19

No direct knowledge of this particular communication/request, but:
a) Kantar are a research company commonly used by govt departments for surveys;
b) Mrs Margaret Mousley is/was Deputy Director at HMRC for Risk and Intelligence Service Offshore.

Neither of those facts guarantees the validity of the letter, but suggests that at least HMRC are on a fishing expedition regarding your client's offshore activities.
So probably not a good idea to completely ignore it, but perfectly reasonable to check out validity before agreeing to accept the phone-call ... and taking the time to review in meantime whether there's anything it would be a good idea to disclose before then!

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Replying to Hugo Fair:
By tltodman
04th Oct 2021 19:08

That's helpful - thank you. The letter does say participation is completely voluntary and I don't think there is anything to worry about with this client as it's a CIC providing children's day care nursery services and operating only in one location in its local community.

I have subsequently found this link which does seem to imply the survey is for real (unless it's a dodgy website too!)

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Replying to tltodman:
By Hugo Fair
05th Oct 2021 12:08

Hmmm .... well I'm a bit more dubious now that you've provided that URL.
Any official HMRC site usually contains somewhere within it ... although I guess (despite the heading on the page) the site you've provided may 'belong' to Kantar not HMRC? But it's not a professional looking site is it?

Do let us know if any more info comes to light; as it's going to worry a lot of people.

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By Cloudcounter
05th Oct 2021 09:13

I've received one as a potential participant. Not had a phone call yet, but tempted to ask what is the point in participating as HMRC take no notice of feedback and service is getting worse each year. Also tempted to save my breath and tell them to do one.

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By Calculatorboy
05th Oct 2021 09:47

I would ignore it , our time (and your client's ) is valuable

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By Tornado
05th Oct 2021 17:59

I don't see any point in participating in a survey unless you have to.

Most seem to be information gathering at best for advertising purposes and at worst for gathering information to use against you.

Whilst there is an inbuilt desire for us to be helpful, there is nothing wrong in just skipping all requests to participate in any survey to be sure that you do not become the victim of a scam.

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