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Rogue Call?


I had a call from someone claiming to be from HMRC. He sounded too friendly for it be someone from HMRC. He asked me how I was? 

He named our client's limited company and said that he wants to arrange a VAT compliance visit. I asked him to drop me an email since I wanted a confirmation the call was from HMRC. No email so far. The number he called from is 03000 545202. 

I did a Google search on the number. Nothing came up. 

I tried to call HMRC's VAT contact number. I lost my patience after the long wait. 

If anyone could provide any further information, that would great. 






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16th Apr 2018 17:55

Its possibly legit, they use call bookers now for VAT visits and 03000 numbers.

However you need to establish if there is a reason for visit other than "the computer says". Usually you can deal with these matters via a phone call and/or email correspondence.

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17th Apr 2018 09:32

I have had success recently with asking for my Agent Codes. HMRC have been happy to provide these, and then I am happy to go through their tortuous security systems!

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17th Apr 2018 10:45

Just ask them to write to you.

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17th Apr 2018 20:24

Thanks for the response. It was a legitimate call.

HMRC emailed today.

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