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HMRC Certificate of Residency (in UK) for Greece

Trying to understand how to pay proper amount of tax (in UK) for Greece Dividends

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I am an individual, resident in the UK, trying to pay the right amount of tax for dividends in Greece.

I have been asked to supply a Certificate of Residence, and I can use the Government Gateway website to get one. The HMRC seems to imply that I can do it myself, but I don't know that I would be filling out the right information. For example I can read the 70+ year old treaty between the UK and Greece, but am not entirely sure about which article applies to me. (Current front runners are 13 or 14)

I believe that I am not supposed to directly ask tax questions here, but how do I find an accountant who would help - and what would that cost? I *do* have an accountant to help me with my HMRC self assessment as I own a (dormant) UK Ltd company. I have asked them if they know about this. Would it be realistic to expect them to give me advice re foreign income?


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By johngroganjga
14th Nov 2021 17:37

e11boy wrote:

Would it be realistic to expect them to give me advice re foreign income?

Yes it would, if your question is about the UK tax you will pay on foreign dividends as a UK resident taxpayer.

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By Paul Crowley
14th Nov 2021 18:08

He may need to look it up though, depending on his client base.
The bigger the firm, the more likely someone has dealt with it before.
The Swiss are the worst for adding deliberate difficulty to foreigners getting dividends from Swiss companies.

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