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HMRC change format of EORI numbers

actually they've just got it wrong.

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Anyone seen latest (8 March) e-mail AND letter from HMRC on leaving EU without a deal? Apparantly according to both:-

 UK EORI numbers are eight digit numbers and begin with the prefix 'GB', such as GB00000000

except they aren't!


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By Matrix
11th Mar 2019 13:34

I didn’t spot that in the email, aren’t they 12 digits, so the VAT number plus 3 zeros.

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Replying to Matrix:
By Wanderer
11th Mar 2019 13:40

Yes, that's it.
Makes you wonder though, HMRC can't seem to get even the basics correct.

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By Wanderer
11th Mar 2019 13:47

And here's the guidance with conflicts with the letter:-

HMRC wrote:
Trader identification - Economic Operator Registration Identification (EORI) number
The identity of a trader is a combination of the country code of the issuing country and the identity reference allocated by that country. For UK traders enter ‘GB’ followed by the trader’s EORI number.

In the UK, identities are EORI numbers which are (with a few minor exceptions) 12 characters long with a GB prefix. Note that new EORI numbers may not automatically follow the VAT number format.

Example EORI number is: GB123456789000

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By Wanderer
12th Mar 2019 17:07

Today's email:-

HMRC wrote:
Dear colleague,

This email is to let you know there was a typo in the letter we sent you last week about arrangements for if the UK leaves the EU without a deal.

We said that a UK Economic Operator Registration and Identification (EORI) number has 8 digits, but it in fact it’s a twelve digit number beginning with the prefix ‘GB’, such as GB000000000000.

If you have this number you don’t need to do anything further and you don’t need to call HMRC.

We apologise for any confusion caused, and have updated the letter on GOV.UK.

Kind regards,

Jim Harra

Wonder if Jim reads AWeb?
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By Wanderer
12th Mar 2019 17:10

Also note that:-

Published 6 March 2019
Last updated 7 March 2019
7 March 2019
Added Welsh translation of the letter
6 March 2019
First published.

but the letter has, in fact, been updated since yesterday.
Not to be trusted are they?

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