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HMRC Changing agent authorisation for PAYE?

HMRC online registration as an agent for PAYE gets limited access.

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New client who I do full spec work for. So registered them for PAYE and regisetred as their PAYE agent. Got authorisation code which entered. Standard stuff done for numerous clients and with no issues

Now checking find this new client I have "limited authorisation". Cannot view their payments or submissions (per HMRC). Although doing the standard online authorisation the explanation says that the authorisation was on Form FB12 (huh!?) and that I can get full permission if I apply for both FB12 and Form 64-8.

However online is the standard get authorised.

Anyone enlighten me what is going on at HMRC?

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By bettybobbymeggie
05th Nov 2019 15:49

My recent experience is that this in normal for the first day or two when you first enter the authorisation code and full access appears after a couple of days.

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By Rgab1947
06th Nov 2019 09:46

Thanks. Will give it a day or so and see what it gives.

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Replying to bettybobbymeggie:
By coops456
06th Nov 2019 10:22


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