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HMRC Client Authorisation

HMRC Client Authorisation problems

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I am trying to request authorisation for a new client (Corporation Tax) through HMRC's online system.  I have the UTR from the previous accountants and the registered number from Companies House.  However, when I put in these bits of information I get the following error immediately: "ERROR: HM Revenue & Customs is unable to identify your client from the information you have provided. Please check the details you have entered and amend if necessary."

Is this because HMRC thinks the client might still be registered with the previous accountants?

I would phone HMRC and ask but there's no obvious phone number!

Thanks all!



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By SXGuy
11th Sep 2018 18:38

No unlikely. Are you missing a 0 from the company number?

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Replying to SXGuy:
Pile of Stones
By Beach Accountancy
11th Sep 2018 19:36

HMRC's instruction is to miss off any leading zero's

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By lionofludesch
11th Sep 2018 19:17

I had an email from them apologising for their email being down yesterday. Maybe it's that.

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By accountantccole
12th Sep 2018 07:55

I keep putting too much info in. I think it only needs 2 of the 4 possible lines or something and that makes the system have a tantrum

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